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Dealing with child anger

Anger is a normal and useful emotion. It can tell children that things are not fair or right. But watch out for children's behaviour becoming out of control or aggressive because of anger.

Don’t beafraid to explore the causes of angry emotions.

Helping your child learn to deal with anger healthily has many benefits. In the short term it stops anger from causing your child and your family distress. In the longer term, it helps them learn to solve problems and cope with emotions.

Do not judge children for their Anger Team up with your child to help them deal with their anger. This way, you let your child know that the anger is the problem, not them.With younger children this can be fun and creative. Give anger a name and try drawing it. For example, anger can be a volcano that eventually explodes. How you respond to anger can influence how your child responds to anger. Making it something you do together can help you both.
Identify the early warning signs Work together to try to find out w…