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Stress-free Life

Whoever You Are , Whatever You Do. This  blogs is for "Making the most of your life" and finds "Ways to a stress free Life" by "Creating friends and influencing people" and to know "How to be even more successful".Put-it-right-to-work strategies for eliminating chaos, stress and frustration from your life. The intention is to mimic your own inner voice, exhorting you to slow it down, do it right, stop making everything more complicated than it is.

It's time to stop the insanity and take back control of your life. Starting today. Starting now. I am intended to make this blog something that helps you reclaim a more enjoyable, relaxed and enriching existence in much the same way it was lost - inch by inch, on the multiple battlefronts of your life: work, home, family, personal finances, relationships, health, nutrition, community, leisure, and many other areas of involvement

Do One thing at a Time
Do it mindfully. Do it well. Enjoy the satisfaction. Then go on the next thing. Multitasking might work for computers, but humans have yet to get the hang of it. It leads to careless mistakes, shoddy work and unreliable performance. Worst of all, having to do things over. This is no way to live. Give what you are doing your undivided attention. Take the time to get it right. And enjoy the experience. " Why make yourself crazy? "

What you all citizens think about it? Let us have your comments about the subject.
Power to empowerment

It’s how you use power that gives it a moral dimension.
The best test of a man’s character is to give him power.---Abraham Lincoln

“Will I ever have magical powers like Harry Potter?” the girl asks her mother.

“No, dear, we are only muggles,” replies the mother fondly.

How strange! Didn’t she realise her daughter had magical powers already, even without the benefit of a Hogwarth’s school education?

The fact is, all of us have different kinds of power, and most of the time we don’t realise it and don’t care. Even when we are exercising our power, we don’t stop to think about what it means, how it affects others, how it affects the world. To some of us it becomes an addiction, a monster that feeds upon itself. It gives us a “high”. (“I’m going to teach her a lesson”, “I’ll show him who the real boss is”…and so on.)

At some time or other, we have all tasted the sweetness of absolute or partial control over others. A child, a colleague, a friend, an employee or a dependent relative looked upon us with some awe and a silent plea for understanding. She may even have tried to ingratiate herself. We know what she felt, we have been in that position too; maybe as the parent of a child who is wielding his power, controlling the adult into giving him what he wants, and setting the barometer reading for his affections by either allowing himself to be placated into a good mood or destroying the peace of the house by refusing to co-operate.

A curious thing about such “power pyramids” is that those who are on top of one pyramid may be a base-stone of some other pyramid. The father who lays down the law at home may have a terrifying boss at work. The spoilt child may cringe before a classmate.

What is the nature of power? Actually, it wears neither halo nor horns…it’s neither hero nor villain. It’s how you use power that gives it a moral dimension. As an analogy, consider atomic power….electrical energy for production or incendiary energy for destruction?

Be aware

Why then do we instinctively equate “power” with “ruthlessness” or “cruelty” or “arrogance”? Because we see that those who wield power, those in authority, often use it as a weapon to ensure submission rather than as a tool to help those in need. We have seen how power can be misused, sometimes even unthinkingly.

Yet power, like wealth, has potential for great good. “Empowerment” is what governments strive to provide to their neglected citizens. Without power there is stagnation, there is inactivity, and ultimately, nothingness. When used positively, power can spell prosperity.

The real trick, then,(that they may or may not teach at Hogwarth’s) is to be aware of one’s power, and to use it sparingly and wisely. Like a car’s battery, it must be exercised or it will die; but overuse makes it die faster. There are many dimensions to power… spiritual/ religious/moral/ kingly/administrative/ community-oriented/ professional/ family/ personal. We will encounter some or many of these along life’s road, and will learn to respect the power of others and understand our own power better.

Spiritual masters tell us that yogic powers [special mind-over-body powers to levitate or walk on water or lie buried alive for hours] can be developed by many, but that we are not to confuse them with spirituality. Power struggles are rife in the material world, and power-centres wax and wane like the phases of the moon. But the only power that lasts a lifetime is the unseen one within our inner universe…..the power we all have to control our own words and actions.

What shall we tell the children about power and empowerment?


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